Geoff the banana-seller

(c) 2001 by Melanie & Susi

Once upon a time, there was a banana-seller named Geoff.

Although he was selling high quality bananas, nobody wanted to buy them. All the people prefered buying oranges from Mr. Nobody. Noone cared about Geoff, and dogs were pissing at his stall. Altogether, he wasn't very good in his business.

One day, Geoff was tired of selling bananas nobody wanted to buy. He lay down under a tree and had 40 winks.

Three monkeys living in the tree saw the bananas and climbed down the tree in order to have a nice breakfast.

When Geoff woke up, the monkeys took some bananas and climbed up the tree again. Geoff was in a bad mood when he noticed what was going on. He shook his fist at the monkeys in anger and called them little screaming monsters, but they only started laughing.

Suddenly, Geoff had a brilliant idea. He took a banana, peeled it and ate it in the famous way of dividing it into three pieces, always watched by the monkeys who seemed to be very interested.

The next minute, they were sitting next to Geoff, eating bananas in the same way as he did before. Geoff found this highly impressive and gave each of the monkeys 5 housepoints.

Then he advised the monkeys to follow their teacher, but not to touch him, and walked back to his stall, followed by the monkeys.

The monkeys were definitely the right advertising, all the people were queuing for buying Geoff's high quality bananas.

After this successful day, Geoff went to a tourist office for fulfilling his dream of an absolutely lovely holiday on the beach.

And if he hasn't died yet, he is still sitting in the sun and eating bananas...